Aixam Cars

The European leader in quadricycles


As Aixam vehicles are classed as quadricycles, they can be driven with a B1 Licence.

Aixams therefore allow users to be fully independent of friends, family and public transport.


You can rest assured that your Aixam Car has been thoroughly tested by an advanced team of enginners from Aixam. They have achieved an exceptional level of satety performance making this a unique feature in itself.  Test cars go through a rigorous testing schedule of front-end, side and rear-end crash tests.

Added Safety benefits include:

Maximum insulation and protection for occupants in the event of a collision.
Reinforced seat belt anchors
2 notch safety locks
Fuel tank made of high strength polyethylene.

For more than 20 years AIXAM has passed all autopmobile crash test subject to UTAC standards. Therefore when you buy either a used Aixam or new Aixam car you are buying into 20 years automobile experience.


There are numerous features and benefits to driving an Aixam. All models of Aixam Cars share the  following benefits:

Can be driven on a B1 driving licence
Easy to drive
Contemporary design features
Use of high tech materials
Advance safety features
Comfortable interior
Available in a  contemporary range of colours